Abilene IPLS-V6 Node Traffic Statistics

The graphs below display statistics for each network that is connected to the IPLS-V6 core node. Each connection is polled at 5-minute intervals. Click on any of the graphs to see historical statistics.

V6 Connections:

OARNet IPv6 (OC-3) Bits/Sec Stats
OARNet IPv6  bps graph
OARNet IPv6 (OC-3) Packets/Sec Stats
OARNet IPv6  pps graph
OARNet IPv6 (OC-3) Errors/Sec Stats
OARNet IPv6  errors/sec graph
SINet IPv6 (OC-3) Bits/Sec Stats
SINet IPv6  bps graph
SINet IPv6 (OC-3) Packets/Sec Stats
SINet IPv6  pps graph
SINet IPv6 (OC-3) Errors/Sec Stats
SINet IPv6  errors/sec graph
Portland State IPv6 (OC-3) Bits/Sec Stats
Portland State IPv6 bps graph
Portland State IPv6 (OC-3) Packets/Sec Stats
Portland State IPv6 pps graph
Portland State IPv6 (OC-3) Errors/Sec Stats
Portland State IPv6 errors/sec graph
Singaren IPv6 (OC-3) Bits/Sec Stats
Singaren IPv6 bps graph
Singaren IPv6 (OC-3) Packets/Sec Stats
Singaren IPv6 pps graph
Singaren IPv6 (OC-3) Errors/Sec Stats
Singaren IPv6 errors/sec graph

Archived Collections

The following connections are no longer being collected because they have moved or are no longer connected to the IPLS-V6 core node. Traffic statistics are available by clicking on the links below

MRTG Multi Device Traffic Grapher
version 2.9.7 Tobias Oetiker <oetiker@ee.ethz.ch> and Dave Rand <dlr@bungi.com>